MyMoves 0.1.3: 12 is now 24!


Just sent MyMoves 0.1.3 update to Nokia Store for approval.

Most significant changes:
– Possibility to disable a gesture, there’s a ‘no application’ option in the app list
– 12 two-finger and 12 three-finger gestures
– Fixed icon scaling in the app list (e.g. Galaxy On Fire’s icon was taking a bit too much space : )

As you can see, the amount of available gestures has doubled! : )
The fact that now you can also disable gestures should make it convenient
to find the gestures that suit best for your purposes. Here are the gestures:

The update should hopefully pop up into Nokia Store soon. If you’re not into waiting,
you can install MyMoves 0.1.3 from my repository (instructions below).

Manual installation:

1. Add the mymoves repository to your phone:
– Create a file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mymoves.list
– Into that file, enter this line (without the quotes): “deb binary/

2. Make sure you’ve got a working internet connection on your phone
3. apt-get update
4. apt-get install mymoves

That’s all this time!