MyMoves 0.2.0: Less gestures, more features


It’s been a While, but managed to find both a slot of time + some inspiration to gather new ideas together.

MyMoves 0.2.0 was just sent to the Nokia Store for approval.

“What? Less gestures?” Yeah. The more complex ones work every now and then. They all mostly work for me,
but since i created them, i’m not the best judge on how usable they are (and judging by Nokia Store reviews
they do not work for many people, as expected). So. Moving on with 8 two-finger gestures, them being up,
down, left, right + the corner-to-corner ones.

Then the nice part: new features!!! \o/

Launching bookmarks

Performing actions (running scripts)

Launching Bookmarks does exactly what it says: you can now use
gestures to launch the web sites you’ve saved to the app grid.

Performing actions is a longer story. Played around with D-BUS commands the
other day, and ended up gathering together some useful ones to be used with MyMoves.
Basically the actions are shell scripts which run a D-BUS command. Sure, it is not
as fast as doing it from C++, or as clean as doing it by using plugins, but it’s the
hacker-friendly way: ‘script plugins’ 🙂

The scripts are located in /home/user/.local/mymovescripts.
Let’s take an example: adding a new event to calendar

#Name=Calendar: Add new event
qdbus / “” “”

It’s a normal shell script, the most important line from MyMoves
point-of-view being the second line which states the name of the action
to be parsed on the UI side.

Here’s current set of 11 actions:
– Calendar: Add new event
– Calendar: Add new task
– Calendar: Show month view
– Calendar: Shot Todo list
– Calendar: Show week view
– Music: Switch to next song
– Music: Switch to previous song
– Create a new SMS message
– Phone: Open call history
– Phone: Open contacts list
– Phone: Open dialer

A short video of the new features:

And then a few sceenshots of the updated UI:

About sandst1
A technology-oriented guy interested in all-round creativity, be it music, art, or putting software together for creating something new and expressing oneself

9 Responses to MyMoves 0.2.0: Less gestures, more features

  1. Jed says:

    I thought you said you weren’t doing any work on this? Nice! 😉
    Thanks for the new ideas, very clever & potentially very handy!

  2. Nrde says:

    Seems to work better than before when I had unwanted app launches when doing something else (i.e., not using 2 fingers).

    Added flexibility is really nice.

    btw. the about shows 0.14 even though I have updated to 0.20?

  3. Pingback: MyMoves 0.2.0: Less Gestures, More Features

  4. Superjunior says:


    Is it possible to make a action for “lock the screen” ?
    I didnt find the dbus-command.

    Sorry for my English 😉

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