MyMoves 0.1.4: better recognition + corner-to-corner gestures


Just about to send MyMoves 0.1.4 to Nokia Store.

I reimplemented the recognition algorithm, so now the app should be a lot better at recognizing your gestures.
In addition to that, there are now new gestures for swiping from one corner to another.
Here’s the latest list of gestures:

Aand a video clip:

Let’s hope the guys&girls at the Store are quick at reviewing : )

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11 Responses to MyMoves 0.1.4: better recognition + corner-to-corner gestures

  1. andy says:

    the more gestures the better the experience as long as the users remember it.

    i suggest you to make an oxford advanced learner english dictionary for meego with the cdrom that come with the dictionary book. i really need that on my n9.

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  3. HtheB says:

    Is it possible to add a gesture to close an app? Because the phone is acting very weird when swiping down when in landscape. Sometimes it closes when I swipe it from the left, sometimes from the top :S

    So I will disable “swipe down to close” frm the settings and add a gesture with mymoves for it…

    Thanks for this great app! 🙂

    • sandst1 says:

      Thank you! : )

      Good question. I’m not sure if that’s possible.. The security framework
      might not allow applications to close other apps..

      • HtheB says:

        I really hope this will work. So swiping with 1 finger will be minimizing an app and double touch swiping will be closing.

        You can always give it a shot… 😀

  4. Oskar says:

    About the list of applications you can associate with a gesture: Where do you get them from? I’m asking because a number of shortcuts available from my app launcher screen isn’t listed in MyMoves; these are bookmarks saved from the browser and shortcuts to contacts created by contactLaunch. – So adding a gesture for “open this website” or “call this contact” isn’t possible without manually editing the configuration file. – Is this on purpose (because it would bring additional complexity) or didn’t you notice the difference between ‘installed applications’ and ‘vidible icons in the launcher’ in this context?

    • sandst1 says:

      On purpose for now. I didn’t implement bookmarks support yet, due to lack of time and the fact that PR1.2 will bring folders. That will most likely restructure the way bookmarks are saved, so it needs more attention than just parsing things from folder x.

      The application .desktop files are currently read from /usr/share/applications. As for contactLaunch, haven’t ever tried the application myself, so I don’t have an example of what kind of .desktop files it creates. Could you send me one contactLaunch .desktop file, most likely from /usr/share/applications, so i could see what needs to be modified in order to support those too (change possible private info to something arbitrary before sending:)?

  5. Diamond says:

    Can you add gestures to answer/reject incoming call? With an option to work only on lockscreen and to use single-finger gesture for it, please :). I think you’ve got the point for this – it will allow user to answer incoming call with a single gesture.

    • sandst1 says:

      Umm, in my opinion that’s not quite necessary. When your phone is ringing, the incoming call dialog pops on top of all the other windows anyway, and on that you can already answer/reject an incoming call with a single gesture ; )

  6. Diamond says:

    Are there any chances this project will be open-sourced?

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