MyMoves 0.1.3: 12 is now 24!


Just sent MyMoves 0.1.3 update to Nokia Store for approval.

Most significant changes:
– Possibility to disable a gesture, there’s a ‘no application’ option in the app list
– 12 two-finger and 12 three-finger gestures
– Fixed icon scaling in the app list (e.g. Galaxy On Fire’s icon was taking a bit too much space : )

As you can see, the amount of available gestures has doubled! : )
The fact that now you can also disable gestures should make it convenient
to find the gestures that suit best for your purposes. Here are the gestures:

The update should hopefully pop up into Nokia Store soon. If you’re not into waiting,
you can install MyMoves 0.1.3 from my repository (instructions below).

Manual installation:

1. Add the mymoves repository to your phone:
– Create a file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mymoves.list
– Into that file, enter this line (without the quotes): “deb binary/

2. Make sure you’ve got a working internet connection on your phone
3. apt-get update
4. apt-get install mymoves

That’s all this time!

About sandst1
A technology-oriented guy interested in all-round creativity, be it music, art, or putting software together for creating something new and expressing oneself

5 Responses to MyMoves 0.1.3: 12 is now 24!

  1. Jed says:

    Sweet! I doubt I’d ever use more than 6, let alone 24.
    But still very nice, esp. the option to disable gestures.
    As always, thanks so much for the wonderful work!

    Donation coming shortly after I’ve found/bought a “decently priced” 64GB N9.
    They’re as “rare as hens teeth” here in Australia right now.
    So bloody annoying…..

    • sandst1 says:


      Yeah, the 64GB versions seem to be a rare thing all around the world. The local stores here have got an estimated arrival time of 2-4 weeks for the models. I settled for a 16GB model instead, those are at least a bit easier to find and a cheaper too : )

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  3. bruce says:

    I have to say; MyMoves does look super awesome 😀

    Have you thought about using a flattr button as a way to prompt donations? I tend to find it an easier way to support a project than using PayPal 🙂
    It’s also just a kind of awesome concept :-p

    • sandst1 says:

      Thank you! : )

      Hmm. Perhaps. Maybe adding some button to the About screen has crossed my mind, buut, that’s not such a high-priority task : P

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