Overview of MyMoves


MyMoves is an application which adds a functionality of opening applications using multitouch gestures.
It currently works in Nokia Harmattan phones (N9/N950). There are 8 two-finger and 8 three-finger gestures to choose from.

Here they are:

Using MyMoves is simple. For each available gesture, you select an item you want to launch,
and then using that gesture anywhere in the system will open up the application you selected. MyMoves
also recognizes if you do a pinch gesture, and stays out of the way of normal phone usage.

Here are the most important screens of the application:

The main menu has four buttons and an indication text which tells whether or not MyMoves is observing your gestures. Pressing ‘My Moves’ takes you to the gesture configuration list (the middle picture). There you see which item is connected to which gesture. If you want to change an item, just click on a gesture and the edit item screen opens. From there you select whether you want to run an action (create new SMS, add a calendar event etc), application, or a web page you’ve saved as a bookmark.

Using the gestures in practice

When you have configured the gestures you want to use, make sure the main page is saying ‘Observing gestures’. After this, you can close the configuration UI.

Now the gestures are ready for use. MyMoves comes with a gesture recognition server which handles launching the applications. It is started immediately after installing the application, and after boot-up (please note, it might take > 1min for the server to start after boot, because the system launches the more high-priority items first).

Launching an application with a gesture:
– hold your fingers together like a pencil, and make a gesture

That’s all. Have fun using the application!
You can download MyMoves for free from the Nokia Store.

Here’s a short overview video:

Another clip, of the 0.1.4 version:

Yet another, 0.2.0 version:

If you want to support my work, you can

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A technology-oriented guy interested in all-round creativity, be it music, art, or putting software together for creating something new and expressing oneself

22 Responses to Overview of MyMoves

  1. Jed says:

    Excellent work, looking truly pro now!

  2. wow * 100 says:

    Swipe Mymoves is an invincible combination of gestures

    this app looks more mature and professional now than it initially is. thanks for crearting this wonderful funtionality to n9/50

  3. sarmad87 says:

    U the best man 🙂

    hope to see more projects for the lovely N9 from you 🙂

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  9. In previous videos you had single finger gestures, like u, n and c will you be adding these gestures In I would love to have the ability to do a few single finger gestures, or those motions with 2 or 3 fingers. Obviously with the ability to turn them off if people dont want one finger gestures, or better yet a list of applications to exclude gestures from. I use easystroke for linux and it has alot of options like that and the ability to learn new gestures. Love the work please keep it up.

    • sandst1 says:


      Single-finger gestures are a bit problematic, think how they can affect e.g. when playing a game. They’re currently disabled, but as you said, having them selectable could be an option. I’ll see what to do with the single-finger ones. The downstairs of MyMoves needs some refactoring, so maybe after that.

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  12. Sara says:

    It’s amazing. I was sitting at a cafe with my friend today, talking about how cool it would be, if there was an app like this. And bam.

    If I had a choice, I’d add on speed-dialing to someone with a single gesture.

    But great work!

  13. sting says:

    Hi, thanks for a great app.

    Does MyMoves consume much battery?


    • sandst1 says:

      Hi and thanks!

      MyMoves doesn’t consume that much battery. It only observes your touch events and runs the recognition when there’s a touch release event. The recognition takes < 0.5 seconds, so there's not much CPU used.

      Also, observing the touch events is quite light, and if you don't do anything, MyMoves doesn't do anything. The heaviest part of this app is launching other apps : )

      • sting says:


        Would tap-based driven events be implemented? e.g., 2-finger, 3-finger taps, multi-taps, double tap and drag, etc.

  14. sandst1 says:

    >sting says:
    >October 28, 2011 at 14:54


    >Would tap-based driven events be implemented? e.g., 2-finger, 3-finger taps, multi-taps, >double tap and drag, etc.

    Hmm. That would need some refactoring, since now I’m depending on the touch release event.
    Currently the recognition is touch press -> move -> release -> push to the recognition part.

    MyMoves would have to wait for a certain time before the recognition could start. That would
    make recognizing the current gestures slower, because we’d also have to be ready for gestures like touch press->release->press->release, or press->release->press->move->release.

    It’s possible, but no promises at this point : )

  15. Jeffrey04 says:

    can i use mymoves to lock screen?

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