I see some Raw Motion. \o/

Quick update.

Read a great set of XInput2 blog posts by Peter Hutterer and fiddled around with the code examples,
and the end-result is nice: System-wide multi-touch events!

So. Next up in the MyMoves roadmap will be refactoring it for multi-touch support.

N950 is getting 6 simultaneous touches, will that be enough for gestures?: P

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A technology-oriented guy interested in all-round creativity, be it music, art, or putting software together for creating something new and expressing oneself

3 Responses to I see some Raw Motion. \o/

  1. Jed says:

    I wonder if Wayland makes use of XI2?

    It’s planned as the successor to X.
    At least as far as canonical (ubuntu) is concerned.
    Not sure if that’s the way everyone will go ultimately.

  2. sandst1 says:

    I’m not too familiar with Wayland internals, so don’t know an answer for that..

  3. sarmad87 says:

    Awesome work 🙂

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