OperaMobile 11.00 for Harmattan

Noticed a tweet from zehjotkah about OperaMobile on Nokia N950,
which points to a tutorial by XeN.
The version running on N950 is the same as Opera’s developer preview for MeeGo ARM.

Since the tutorial’s version copies files to the handset manually, the uninstallation has to be done manually too.

So. Therefore I decided to quickly create a Debian package for the OperaMobile developer preview : )

Please note: this is NOT an official .deb or anything, but a temporary way of using OperaMobile in our N950’s until Opera comes out with an official OperaMobile release for Harmattan.

You can grab the .deb here: http://hotfile.com/dl/125308477/580c6be/operamobile_11.00-1_armel.deb.html

Install with the traditional dpkg -i operamobile_11.00-1_armel.deb.


About sandst1
A technology-oriented guy interested in all-round creativity, be it music, art, or putting software together for creating something new and expressing oneself

21 Responses to OperaMobile 11.00 for Harmattan

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  2. Ricardo says:

    Hey nice work. I didn’t manage to make a debian package out of it.
    Thanks. 😉

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  4. Lusitan says:

    Hello Sandst1, many thanks for all the work and tutorial 🙂 nevertheless I seem to be having some difficulties on installing the debian package, even though I´ve gained root access and applied the installation code line you´ve provided.
    Just wondering, is it necessary to store the file in any particular place in the memory? I keep getting the error “Aegis rejecting operamobile*: Could not open debian archive”
    Thanks for the help.

  5. sandst1 says:

    Hmm..you could try this:

    – Copy the .deb into /home/user/MyDocs
    – devel-su
    – cd /home/user/MyDocs
    – dpkg -i operamobile_11.00-1_armel.deb

  6. Lusitan says:

    Finally I got it working! Many thanks for your help Sandst1.

    Since I’ve used the native browser to download the file, it stored it in


    Once again, many thanks!

  7. Anybody got this working with the N9? I get that Aegis rejection even when I am in the MyDocs directory as devel-su…

  8. Arthuro_Adam says:

    If you rooted the phone (i did with devel-su), then you go to the folder, where the file, it has to be work.

  9. kaien says:

    how to uninstall by the way?

  10. kaien says:

    thanks, trying to uninstall some apps, i am experiencing high idle power consumption, so i need to try out a few things

  11. oytunx says:

    after Pr1.1 OneClickFlasher, aegis uninstalling opera end of installation process?

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  13. Laszlo Papp says:

    It seems the file was removed:
    “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”

    Is there an up-to-date url for this ?

  14. Kirotich says:

    How can i install opera mobile to my sexy Nokia C3? I had been trying to install but i could found for a long time.can you please help me ? Reply

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