FunkeySynth goes Multitouch

Even though QML’s multitouch support isn’t included in the official releases yet (correct me if I’m wrong), there already are projects on MeeGo (such as Mong) that utilize multitouch with QML. Since having multitouch support in a synthesizer application is quite essential, decided to cook it up. Noticed that the Mong guys are using the QML TouchArea component, which can be found via e.g. this Qt Labs post from February which provides a link to the QML TouchArea component in Gitorious. Coding the UI part with the TouchArea component turned out to be rather easy, adding duophonic support to the sound engine side needed a bit more tinkering. However, finally, the multitouch support is done! : )

Code can be found in Gitorious:

If you want to try this out in your MeeGo tablet, head to

From the above repository, install portaudio-<version>.rpm + com.sandst1.funkeysynth-<version>.rpm and enjoy!

A demo clip:

It Does run on N900 DE too :)

Wheee. Just after packaging FunkeySynth as an RPM, noticed that OBS popped out an ARMv7 build as well. First thought after that: “Hmm…How well would this run on the N900..?”

The UI is designed for a larger screen so the layout is not pretty, BUT it works : D

If you’d like to try this out on your N900, grab the RPM’s from here: