Smoothing the synth

I’d like to give about a million thanks to Chris Dumez! Thanks to his blog post, found out what was needed to make the QML UI run smoothly. Probably old news to any coder more familiar with QML, but quoting Chris:

“A recommended configuration for embedded X11-based devices is to use a raster graphics system with a QGLWidget for the viewport of your QDeclarativeView. ”

So, now the synthesizer has a smooooth UI (though the look of it is still an R&D-one : ). Also added a couple of sound effects. I’m going to give a small demo of the app in the next Tampere MeeGo Network meetup on Tue 31st. The plan in the near future is to clean up the code, add the appropriate licensing text & stuff, and then push the code all the way to the open so other people can join coding this forward. Currently it has been a bit too early to release any code, because most of the development periods have consisted of changing almost every single file on the project and doing a couple of big refactoring rounds,  so it’s better to release it once things are a bit more stable.

Latest demo video:

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